Guiding People to Their Full Potential

I’ve been sharing my knowledge and helping people achieve their true potential for over a decade. My international background allows me to bring a multicultural experience to the classroom that enriches the learning environment and expands students’ perspectives on the field.

My experience includes:
  • 15+ years as a design and marketing university professor for prestigious institutions like CETYS University, Universidad Iberoamericana, Centro Universitario de Tijuana and the University of Victoria.
  • Workshop facilitation for designers and non-designers alike in many different countries around the world.
  • Curriculum Development, facilitation and instruction for the UNESCO Funded project Draw me Democracy.
I’ve worked with a variety of groups and individuals including:
  • Graphic design students and professionals
  • Marketing students and professionals
  • NGO representatives
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Members of Aboriginal communities
  • At-risk youth
  • Her classes allow you to widen your perspective; I’ve taken all of the knowledge acquired in her class to my professional practice and it has helped me to accomplish my success"

    Daniela Espinoza Vistiendo al Éxito
  • Awesome trainer, very fun and outgoing. She was great at getting her points across as well as activities and ice breakers she prepared for us"

    Melody Pruden High Prairie Native Friendship Centre


One-on-one coaching
One-on-one coaching

I consult with students and professionals all over the world helping them to achieve their goals and produce their best work.


Learn how to engage your team in a journey of transformation! I coach businesses in strategic interventions for growth.


I provide interactive, hands-on workshops for universities and other organizations on diverse of topics regarding creativity, design and personal growth.